Adobe Photoshop CS3 A-Z

SECTION 1: Fast solutions for everyday editing tasks;

Adjusting brightness and contrast, Removing colour casts, Converting from a Raw file using ACR, Applying sharpness, Retouching dust and scratch marks, Removing red eye, Spreading image tones (pegging black and white points), Correcting lens problems, Altering tones with curves, Conversion to greyscale, Montaging photos together (Layer basics), Managing files with Bridge, Using Adjustment layers, Basic filtering techniques

A-Z reference Accented Edges filter – Automate; Bridge Background color - Button mode; Cache - Cutout filter; Darken blend mode - Dust & Scratches filter Edges - Eyedropper tool Facet filter - Fuzziness setting Gamut Warning - Guides Smart Halftone Pattern filter - Hue/Saturation adjustment layer; ICC profiles - Knockout; LAB color - LZW compression; Magic Eraser tool - Multi-Page PDF to PSD; Navigator -Notes; Ocean Ripple filter - Overlay blend mode; Page Setup - Quick Mask mode; Radial Blur filter - Rulers; Sample All Layers - Swatches palette; Text - Type Masks; Underlining type - Use All Layers; Vanishing Point filter - Vivid Light blending mode; Warp - Workspace; Photoshop XMP - ZoomView format.

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