Pinnacle Hollywood FX PRO 5.2b48

Pinnacle Hollywood FX PRO - this is the simple three-dimensional editor, in whom it is possible to change: finished 3D model, position, size, and also the direction of motion and rotation of objects, it is possible to put any textures (initial or stranger video and image) on the objects (but in certain cases and on their part individually), to dispose a change in the parameters according to the key personnel. Also is tuned position, intensity, size and color of shadow and (or) luminous source. Everything is simple and it is understandable, nothing excess. For constructing the combined transition there is a possibility of kompozinga. Besides the enumerated functions there are other possibilities, existing in 3D editors. For example, there is the possibility of changing the size of objects separately alone the axes, an animation of the motion (there are even billet of trajectories) and much other, including the actions above most virtual camera. Scenes in Hollywood can contain the unlimited quantity of objects, thanks to which as a result it is possible to obtain practically everything which is planned.

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