Hacking NOKIA 3110

NOKIA 3110

Show IMEI code
What's the IMEI code of your phone, simply press:
* # 06 #
you'll read it on display.
Software Version
This code shows you software version, date of manufacture and hardware model number of your phone.
* # 3110 #

Show warranty information

To get additional information from your phone you can use the so called

"warranty codes", try typing:

*#92702689# (= *#war0anty#).

You will be asked a 'warranty code:'


6232 (OK) : To display the Month and Year of Manufacture.
7332 (OK) : To display the date of the last repair.
7832 (OK) : To display (if previously set) the date where the phone was purchased.
9268 (OK) : To display the Serial Number.
37832 (OK) : To set the Purchasing Date MMYY (Warning: You can only do this once)
87267 (OK) : To Confirm Transfer

Sim Clock information

To check if the Sim-Clock can be stopped type:

*#746025625# (= *#sim0clock#)

Restore factory settings

To restore factory settings

(This does not include memory, language and counters) type:


SPLock Mode

If you want to inquire your phone about SPlock, you can use the following:

# pw + 1234567890 + [y] #

If you put your hands on your 10 digits SPlock code yet, then you can modify the status of the above results, typing:

# pw + [master code] + [y] #

[y] is 1 up to 4, and
any ten digits number seems working instead of "1234567890"

Unlock SP lock

Unlock your phone which is Service Provider locked,

First of all, PIN CODE MUST BE ON, then press:


C and hold until it clears display
* and hold until start to blink
* and hold until start to blink
04***your pin>#

Each time you turn your phone OFF it resets the lock,
so this need to be done each time you'll turn your phone ON
Anyway it's better than nothing, isn't it?

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