Microsoft Windows 7 Your Way

Even the most casual computer user wants to personalize his system and get the most out of it he can. That means optimizing and customizing Windows ? to whatever extent the user is comfortable.

Users want to create a custom desktop; set their own favorite programs as system defaults; find and install cool gadgets; make sure their network is running fast and smooth; surf the Internet quickly and safely;speed up their system?s performance; and extend the use of their computers in new and unique ways. It all boils down to optimizing and customizing the way Windows works.

Windows 7 Your Way is the book that frustrated users have been waiting for. This book shows users how to get the most out of Microsoft Windows, in terms of both look and feel and performance. Readers will learn both simple and more advanced ways tocustomize various aspects of the Windows interface; extend basic Windows operation; and make their systems run as fast as possible. The focus is on optimizing Microsoft?s new Windows 7 operating system, although much of the advice is also applicable to users of previous versions of Windows.

Michael Miller ?Microsoft Windows 7 Your Way: Speed Up and Customize Windows?
December 2009 | English | ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4286-5 | 529 Pages | PDF | 15.2 MB

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