10 Traffic Tips and Traffic Secrets Result Detection Technique

I just finished watching this video from a link on Yaro Starak's blog about 10 traffic tips of John Reese on his Traffic Secrets 2.0 video. It's a free presentation video as a preview series for the launch of John's Traffic Secrets 2.0 course. The presentation of the video is very professional with very cool technical background presentation.

I've learned a lot upon viewing the video. He calls these ten traffic secrets as "Result Detection" techniques. This is simply just tapping into the power of the internet, figuring all the techniques that are working from other people's site that allows them to gain more positive results. It's basically understanding what these techniques are, doing it in a different way and keep on improving upon what they already had been using.

These are some of the traffic techniques included in “Traffic Secrets 2.0” course.

Result Detection #1
See who's ranking on the top 10 on Google and use different services to analyze all the incoming links to the sites.

Result Detection #2
If you're making a software - go to download.com and see the number of downloads and reviews of softwares in your category and figured it out what people want in a software or freeware.

Result Detection #3
Post on front page of Digg - examine the history of digg and look for post on the home page and figured out why a post got a lot of diggs. Examine what types of post in a community are voting on.

Result Detection #4
On social networks sites - look for people who has lot of friends and figured out how he get those numbers.

Result Detection #5
Google adwords - monitor the competitors in your niche and observe their ads. Look for trends of headlines or techniques that others are doing and emulate them.

Result Detection #6
At eBay - find out what the most popular keywords are and what type of items selling the most.

Result Detection #7
Press Releases - look at successful press releases being published and go with the techniques their using. Example using PRWeb.

Result Detection #8
Get tons of links on blog - use Technorati to figure it out which blogs are getting the most incoming links and how they get those links. Create a blog post in your niche the same type of posts that are getting lots of links.

Result Detection #9
Compete.com - use the site to get reports of sites getting the most traffic and figured out how they're getting it. Do something similar and get results.

Result Detection #10
Banner ads - know what your competitor ads look like on sites like Commission Junction. Examine and do the same strategy their using in their ads.

I did not know that the sites like CJ.com, Compete.com, eBay.com, PRWeb.com, Download.com, Technorati.com and Digg.com are great sites to find ways where the traffic are on the web. All I know is that these are popular and good sites until I saw the video. It allows people to understand how people sites take advantage from their services to get more traffic.

These are just some of the practical methods we can apply, but are most valuable techniques to gain more traffic on our sites.

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